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My Story

A job elimination on Wall Street and a life altering car accident soon after, taught me one important life lesson. When life hands you a bunch of lemons, forget about making crappy lemonade.  It’s time to get off that ride of life and try something new.


So I decided to exchange my very conservative daily existence to do something that had been a lifelong dream. I enrolled in a 6 week Stand Up class just to see if I could not only stand up (hey after the accident it was tough some days) but actually do Stand Up! The rest is a fun filled work in progress on my road to Comedic Greatness. (Gotta aim high)!


I have been fortunate enough to have performed at several clubs in the New York area including Dangerfield’s, The Broadway Comedy Club, The Comic Strip Live, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, My Father’s Place, Governor’s, The Brokerage and various other locales of the Gateway Comedy on Long Island. I’ve also accepted dates at Senior Centers, Assisted Living facilities, local libraries and restaurants throughout New York and New Jersey. Basically, if you want me, I’m there to entertain you.

I continue to invest in ways to improve both my style and my performance and have created a comedic style that feels right for me and more so for the audiences I perform for. That style reflects everyday “life” events; my crazy family, equally wacky friends, and other personal observations of the madness of the world around me.  


I tend to work clean and try to weave my bits and stories to be relatable to all audiences.

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